Dear Future Wife (Part I)

Hey buddy it’s a week before our wedding!

Gosh I guess time does fly when you’re having fun! Cause yes, all these years, all these smiles and frowns, these ups and downs we’ve had, Good or bad, Happy or sad, regardless, knowing I experienced these with you, have made it all worthwhile.

It’s funny, really, I never expected you to be THAT one girl I will be meeting up with at the altar. Those same pair of hands I held for the first time…are now the same pair of hands I will be holding, the same finger wherein I will be placing a ring, Your ring. The ring that will symbolize our eternal bond through the many walks of life we’ll be going through in the next couple of decades or so.

And since you are, and will always be, my best friend, I can definitely still bully you around as best friends should! And I’d start this off by saying, Good luck wearing that beautiful wedding dress of yours later on! I mean really, You gotta admit that Japanese buffet we had a few days ago did give us some extra pounds (Lol) but hey, we had fun right?

But that aside, you know what I love about us?

Knowing I’d be marrying my best friend would be a dream achieved, and would probably (at this moment) be the greatest moment in my life. I say only ‘at this moment’ because I know that starting a family with you would definitely be a greater achievement in itself as we will definitely be responsible for life itself.

Anyway, beyond our relationship as friends, I really do thank you for being my partner in crime, my partner in and for love, and definitely my future partner in life.

I thank you especially for the little things you do for me, from:

-making me laugh when I’m at my lowest points,

-making coffee for me in the middle of the night while I do my designs( or this letter),

-putting up with my weirdness,

-giving me the longest hugs in the world, knowing you don’t ever want to let go

-looking at me, and just smiling, knowing exactly how you feel about me and how I feel about you

-Playing with my hands and stroking your fingers through mine

This isn’t the entire list but it’s just one of the many things that draws me to you.


My love, Do you remember that first time we kissed?

(Credits to Yvez Galo)

I definitely did (Credits to Yvez Galo)

That first kiss we shared together, while we were strolling at a park. You know Love, I never had this intense feeling of Euphoria and bliss.

I know you may never become my first ever kiss, but rest assured, at least you were my first real one.

I’ll write back to you okay? See you in a few minutes for the rehearsal dinner. I love you



Your Future Husband.


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