Dear Future Wife (Part II)

Good morning Beautiful!!

I can’t believe, it’s already today, OUR day, Can you absorb it? Cause I can’t!!!

To think, what started out as an awkward, yet interesting friendship way back in the day, turned…blossomed into what we will be today, in a few hours.

I’d start it off by saying, Thank you for being my #1 fan, my supporter, my role-model, my Cuddle buddy, but more importantly, my friend. I’ve said it time and again, and I’ll say it again , Thank you for being my best friend.

I know I’m no Knight in shining armor, I’m no prince Charming, I’m not a superman and I’m definitely no Channing Tatum (in reference to years ago), but know that I am your sidekick, your #1 fan, your own personal paparazzi, your cook, your chauffeur, your not-so-secret admirer, and of course your best friend.

I’d usually think about those moments way back in the day, I would, on a daily basis, text you “good morning” and “good night” to signify that you’re always the first thought on my mind when I wake up, and the last thought on my mind when i end the day. I would always do these to you, but I would follow it up by imagining the day when I wouldn’t have to text it anymore, but instead say it in person, when I wake up with you by my side in bed, as my wife, and thankfully, that day is gonna be realized once I seal the deal with you, under God.

I’m both terrified and Ecstatic at the fact that It’s you I’m marrying, to think, My best friend? I mean most people would think Liking your best friend kills the friendship, or the relationship is a ticking time bomb, but honestly? Why wouldn’t you want to marry your best friend? That person who sticks out for you, who has your back, who laughs with you, cries with you, and does stupid things with and for you? Why wouldn’t you marry someone who loves you unconditionally, and relentlessly? Let alone someone who, somehow shares almost every thought with you, every moment with you, and every tear with you. I’d definitely take that as the ideal woman whom I would want to grow old with, and with that in mind, I applaud you for checking all of those off of my list.


Oh and one more thing, you know that phrase “Home is where the Heart is”?

Well, I’m definitely more than happy to say, I’m coming home soon. I say this because I definitely know where my heart belongs now.

Thank you.




Your Future Home.


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