I go about writing this, merely to share my opinion.


You would think that the title of this post is misleading because I won’t be talking about any false reality or some fantasy world created in your head.



I’ll start by dedicating this post specifically to my parents, although It may (or may not) include everyone else’s so to speak.


I know I’ve never been very vocal to you two about how much I appreciate both of you, The tally between positive and negative words I use when I talk to you is won by the negative, and most of the time It would seem as if I only care about the financial support you give me.

I know I would berate and/or  tell you how useless your advice would be.

I would lie to you, and shrug you off, distance myself and not talk to you when I have a problem

It would seem as if I don’t care about you guys or show a glimpse of appreciation towards the sacrifices and provisions you’ve been giving me since even before I was born. I don’t show you the love you deserve or the appreciation that you’ve earned through countless sacrifices.


You are my Mother and my Father.



You two have done a great deal of good in letting me grow.

You two may not be the perfect pair of parents in all aspects, but you definitely are the perfect pair for me.



I know both of you only get to see me on weekends and, as tired and as busy you two are, you make an effort to at least bring me to my condo when the week starts, or pick me up when the week ends. I see in both of your eyes the happiness you both feel whenever you see me, and I appreciate it very much.

Simple actions speak volumes and I see how much both of you care for me.

I know that whenever I’m at home, you two want to spend as much time with me as possible before I return to the condo, and I know that whenever you do want to go out and spend time with me, I decline due to plates/tiredness (or downright laziness) and I apologize for that.


I also apologize for the moments I’ve hurt you, embarrassed you, pushed you away etc.

I am sorry if I don’t show how much I love and appreciate you two.


I acknowledge all your endeavors, all your sacrifices and all your struggles just to give me a good and happy life.

I’m sorry for not being the perfect child you wanted me to be, but I thank you for loving me regardless.


I am thankful for having you as my role-models, my heroes, my best friends and as the two people to ever love me more than anyone in the world might. I am thankful for the two of you, as two individuals to have dreamt of starting a family together, to have dreamt of having a child/children together.

Society says that Children are not, and should not be an extension of their Parents’ dreams, aspirations and goals,

but to be honest?


I do see myself as one of your dreams, I see myself as one of your goals.

I see myself as one of your dreams that became reality, and I can never thank you enough for that.


I love you Mom and Dad.


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