9 things, we, community kids can relate to

I’ll be keeping this list a bit short but I know there are more than 10 things that the youth in our Community, Ligaya ng Panginoon, can relate to. (No, you won’t be seeing “Camp Crushes” “Retreat Crushes” or any kind of crushes for that matter here.)


This post is not meant to insult, or tarnish the name of the Community, nor does this generalize, or stereotype our youth 🙂


1. We usually slack off during Religion Classes .

But who’s to say we don’t ALL slack off during Religion Classes. (Kidding)

Yes, we were brought up in an environment that is abundant in Spiritual and Holistic formation, but for the most part, Religion taught in our respective schools usually, if not completely, don’t go on the same Wavelength as the things we learn in Community life.

We usually get that “Ay alam ko na yan” “That’s not how it’s supposed to be kaya!” or even the “This is so mababaw” feeling whenever we’re in Religion class knowing we somewhat know more than we’re supposed to at a younger age, thus making us slack off.


2. We like to make inside jokes about the Elders in Community.

Before you assume, no, these aren’t negative jokes, this isn’t making fun of the Sector Coordinators, District Coordinators or Senior Leaders etc. We like to ‘reference’ Leaders in community in our jokes due to their supposed ‘strictness’


*During a talk*

-Brother 1 starts dozing off to sleep-

Brother 2: HUY GISING!

Brother 1: why??????

Brother 2: If you fall asleep baka tumaas nanaman boses ni Tito Ces sa talk, ayoko mag heart attack -_-


Whiiiich leads me to my next topic…

3. …YES, we do fall asleep/get distracted during talks

It’s a no-brainer when it comes to talks. No matter how disciplined, or how much we would want to listen to a talk, at some point, we will either doze off, or have our minds wander off at the silliest of distractions.

(That’s also why Tito Ces would raise his voice from time to time during his talks (although in a rather playful and funny manner) so as to either wake us up or prevent us from falling asleep/getting distracted, and yes it does work.)


4. We have special bonds with our family

“A family that prays together, stays together”.

Regardless of the immeasurable number of arguments and quarrels we get into, we still are a lovable bunch, heavily influenced by how community has formed not just its kids, but the parents as well.

In my case anyway, my parents tend to be more patient, and slow to anger (to the point of not even showing any sign of irritability at all), which helps me be more comfortable to them about a lot of topics. It helps my sibling and I be more open to them about our kwentos as if they were our best friends.

Catchfire 2012

Catchfire 2012

5. We like attending Big Community Events partly because we like Dressing up

I’m guilty of this. It’s not all the time you get to be porma. That to you get to wear long sleeves polo, elegant boat shoes, dresses of every style. It’s feels nice just to be able to ‘Dress to Impress’ once in a while hehe.


(But I hope they change the venue to an air-conditioned one..no offense to Ateneo’s college covered courts)

6. We memorized the whole Lord’s Day already

Depending on how consistently or how frequently we do the Lord’s Day, we may also have memorized the Leader’s part too….



7. We like Lord’s Day because Wine.



(I learned how to drink because of lord’s day)



8. The ‘side-hug’ has been ingrained into our minds

In Community, the ‘side-hug’ as I would refer it, is the bodily action used by our entire community in order to greet someone…….and as kids, we have been taught this even in our grade school days, to the point that it becomes a part of us, even using it to greet people outside of community, resulting in awkward stares and pauses from our peers. #Wew


9. We’ve all had at least ONE picture with the fountain at St. Michael’s Retreat House

This Fountain.

Stepping Stones (For non-ligaya kids) 2011

Stepping Stones (For non-ligaya kids) 2011




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