NYE Nutshell: 2014

The last time I recall making year-ending blogs/ posts was back when facebook was a new thing to everyone and looking back at those ancient posts I see how much of my life has changed in such a short amount of time.

You’d think hearing “Five years ago” sounded like such a long period of time, but that “Five years ago” was me in my First year of Highschool.

I’ve seen, felt, learnt, forgotten a lot in my past 5 years and I slowly, but surely, my life is taking shape, by which field of work I am going to and which set of people I will continue to grow in as an individual.

Alright now that that’s settled, I’ll be going back to January 2014 and move along the months through pictures.

JAN ’14

Not much is to be said in my first month of 2014 other than getting a taste of what it’s like to actually decide dropping subjects lol, admittedly I felt devoured by the sheer amount of workload at that time but honestly I don’t regret my decision

Added to that, I moved to a new Condo and started a resourceful and highly productive friendship with my next door neighboor

Kenrick and I in the ArtLab Museum

Kenrick, Marquel and I in the ArtLab Museum (photo credits: Dana Baldonado)

FEB ’14

Oooohh the season of Love is in the Air~~~

It was pretty much the start of my new Love life (but there are other blog posts about that so I won’t talk about it much)


Harmony of Hearts Concert

Not to mention, at this point in time, I haven’t seen my Highschool friends in a while so it was good catching up with them


AJMA Shindig ’14

March and the earlier quarter of April never really had any significance aside from me being relieved of my title as a ‘Frosh’~ So we skip to..

MAY ’14

Marked the start of a new school year and a new chapter in my life as not only did plates come and go, but so did people. Slowly I saw the people who had to be cut out of my life, and those who deserved a place.

1 Snapshot_2014101010536480_799763443378856_594111050_n

AUG ’14

This month was highlighted by the fact that one of my dearest friends left the Country (and by definition, our lives) to attend College in Spain, and Luckily I was able to catch up with her and spend the night with old friends, and meet new ones as well

1 1

NOV ’14

This month saw me spend less time with my significant other as she had Immersion for an entire month and a half, but nonetheless it was nice to have that feeling of missing someone and being missed at the same time.

It was also nice to see her enjoy work, I guess it means she chose the right course


Okay so before I end my Blog I would just like to thank everyone who made me realize who I was to keep and who I was to cut off.

To those I have cut out of my life, especially those I used to talk to a lot, no I don’t hate you, you’re just not worth the hassle as I thought you would be.

To those who I have maintained contact with in 2014, and especially those who I have just recently started talking to despite us not being in contact for many years, I salute you, for you are a true friend. Brother.Sister.

DEC ’14

Yay Birth month.

Okay honestly, I did somehow feel lonely this December (thanks in part to Nikki for still being at work (jk) (1/2 jk) Love you)

It was weird, knowing that back in December 2013, I was a depressed grey blob who holed himself up in his room, I had an eerie feeling that it would be the same for December 2014, But..

Life indeed is very fascinating as it is unpredictable. It felt good to reconnect with some old faces and to celebrate your day of birth along with 3 people (sorry Maji and Ika) who you were classmates with back when you were in Prep? I mean what’s not to love?~~


Overall, 2014 was an eye-opener for me, it was a glimpse of what my future would be like, how they say as you grow older, your circle of friends dwindles. I hope that all of you, too, find the right people in your life.

I emphasize that, the RIGHT people.

Hope you all have a wonderful time welcoming 2015!



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