That man with the Armband

Waking up today, thinking it would be the second day of the new year, I didn’t really expect any significant events happening other than Tottenham beating league-leaders Chelsea 5-3, but another compelling story has struck me deep to my core as I read headline after headline from Football pundits, to BBC.


The End (?)

Was it all a lie? A hoax? Was I delusional?

The words “Steven Gerrard” & “Leaving” never really did go together, not even when Chelsea relentlessly pursued for his signature for 3 years. Gerrard  is and always will be the role-model for footballers out there displaying Loyalty, passion and heart over money. He was one of the main reasons I even fell in love with the beautiful game just by simply sharing the same name as I do.

Up until now, even after the official announcement from the man himself, I still find myself gutted, saddened by the news.

The beating heart of Liverpool, The greatest player never to have won the Premiere League was leaving his beloved Anfield for pastures anew.


The man with the Armband did the job.

And with that said, I bid Steven Gerrard a fond farewell, a message of thanks and gratitude, for giving his life, his soul and his passion for the club that took him in at a young age.

I mean with this news shocking not only Liverpool fans, but the rest of the footballing world, who is to say was at fault for such loss? Was it Brendan Rodgers? Was it the lack of quality or passion within the team? Was Liverpool just not good enough for him? Any would be viable reasons truth be told, but I am an optimist, As anyone would know, no man is bigger than the Club, and Gerrard’s decision to leave at the end of the season is an unselfish one looking upon the future.

With the likes of Emre Can, Jordan Henderson, and even the young Jordan Rossiter emerging as the new-look midfield of Liverpool, you can’t help but say “It was the right decision”.

But even with these young men coming of age, anyone wouldn’t argue with the passion and Leadership Gerrard gave for the club and the games he played.

Captain Fantastic

                                     Captain Fantastic

As I say, with a heavy heart, Steven Gerrard, thank you for being an inspiration, not just to me, not just to Liverpool, but the whole world, firstly as a Leader, as you’ve tirelessly worked wonders by being an example to your teammates on and off the field, and secondly as one of the best players to ever grace the game.

You will always a symbol of Loyalty, passion, humility, and of Liverpool. You are a true living legend.

You may be the greatest player to have never won the Premiere League, but you are the greatest player to have won the hearts of millions of Kopites, myself included.

You’ll Never Walk Alone.


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